On the Roads UK is a Free weekly Predictive Traffic Report Newsletter designed to provide you with the knowledge to make informed decisions when planning your route and journey. Ideal for people who like to get out & about and regular road users (both business and pleasure). The map based product details and locates planned roadworks and closures on the major trunk roads throughout England & Wales


Know where tomorrow’s traffic jams will be, today


There are many excellent products and services providing information on the live traffic situation; Sat Nav, Traffic Cameras, Data Feeds, Media Reports etc. etc. Whilst these are very useful tools, their reporting timescale sometimes leave you little or no time to adjust your itinerary. Until the invention of a reliable crystal ball we shall always be at the mercy of unforeseen incidents; but it is estimated that almost one in five traffic jams can be avoided, as they are caused by known about events. This is where On the Roads UK comes in to provide you with such knowledge.

Don’t waste your valuable time or money caught up in traffic jams that with a little knowledge you could have avoided. To receive the current edition of On the Roads UK email us at or complete the form below.



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